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Click to download the Safety Benefit Life RateTracksm Fixed Annuity Truth Sheet. TOPEKA, KS-(Marketwire – Apr two, 2012) – Security Benefit Corporation , a major provider of retirement savings and revenue vehicles throughout the nation, currently announced the launch of its Total Value Annuity, a fixed index annuity (FIA) provided exclusively via four elite independent marketing and advertising organizations (IMOs). The Safe Earnings Annuity (SIA) was introduced in March of 2011, by Security Advantage Life Insurance Company.Security Benefit Annuity

EAM does not sponsor, endorse, sell, or promote this or any annuity contract or other car that is provided by third parties and that seeks to supply an investment return primarily based on the returns of the Trader Vic Index, nor shall EAM be liable for any errors, misstatements or omissions in any communications with respect thereto. Of course when you consider prime 5 real property transaction administration software an revenue rider, it isn’t just the roll up rate that is vital, it is also the payout price that the annuity gives at the time that revenue is selected.

The GLWB rider that is an choice on the Secure Revenue Annuity, compounds at a 6.5% rate for only a 10 year period. The Royal Bank of Scotland plc and The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc make no representation and offer no assistance with regard to purchasing any Security Benefit annuity. Financial henderson residence rentals advisors can contact Safety Advantage or a Safety Advantage Regional Vice President for all associated item supplies, including a copy of the rates.

If the GLWB rider was exercised it would supply a lifetime earnings of $13,533.

Security Benefit Annuity Review has turn into the image we ascertained on the world-wide-web from dependable thoughts. The item was designed in conjunction with one more Topeka primarily based company, Advisors Excel, one of the biggest annuity wholesalers in the nation. By which includes an interest-bearing function that ensures lifetime revenue alongside a 4 % bonus on the acquire payment, SBL is able to combine a fixed-interest price with a floating price — particularly, the 3-month ICE LIBOR USD rate, which traditionally has mirrored the Federal Funds rate, according to the firm.

According to Mr. Mullery, the new Total Interest Annuity will benefit from Guggenheim’s nicely-regarded basic account management capabilities. Guarantees are backed by the economic strength and claims-paying ability of Safety Benefit Life Insurance Organization. TOPEKA – Security Advantage Corporation, a Guggenheim Partners Enterprise, right now announced the launch of the Total Interest Annuity issued by its subsidiary Safety Benefit Life Insurance Business (SBL), SBL’s very first fixed annuity item made to accept ongoing contributions for clients’ retirement savings.

In addition to its versatile interest crediting options, the Total Worth Annuity can be structured to present guaranteed earnings for life through the optional Assured Lifetime Withdrawal Advantage Rider, or to deliver for other folks upon the owner’s death through the Assured Minimum Death Benefit Rider. The mixture empowers beneficiaries to profit from escalating interest prices for their retirement yield. Let’s take a look at an actual case and see how the SIA can be utilized for guaranteeing a lifetime income for a couple aged 60, taking income at age 66.

The SIA makes it possible for an optional income rider, The Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Advantage Rider, to be added to the annuity for a rider charge of95% of the GLWB worth, not the account worth.

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Security Benefit Annuity